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What Does A Naturopath Do?

Two of the core naturopathic principles are “treat the underlying causes of disease” and “prevention is better than a cure.” Most of the underlying causes of chronic health issues are due to inconsistencies around our diet and lifestyle habits. Our diet and lifestyle regulate the nutrient status and inflammatory status of our bodies, therefore poor habits can lead to nutrient deficiencies and inflammation, which can drive and exacerbate symptoms of chronic health issues.

Therefore, at Oak Health, I use evidence based, practical and sustainable diet and lifestyle interventions, as well as herbal and nutritional supplementation to treat the underlying causes of your most concerning health issues, as well as preventing them from progressing.

This is to improve your overall quality of life and it ultimately leads to long term results, instead of just suppressing symptoms. All treatment plans and treatment interventions that are made for my clientele are individualised and tailored towards your specific needs, preferences, goals and symptom presentation. Habit change can be challenging, especially amidst the demands of people’s busy lifestyles, which is why I pride myself in devising tailored treatment plans that are clear, concise and easy to follow. They are highly sophisticated in their simplicity, helping you achieve your wellbeing goals.

When Can You Expect Treatment Results?

This varies case by case. The time frame taken to achieve the results you are seeking are highly dependent on the chronicity and severity of your presenting health issues, as well your compliance with the treatment plan. Everyone is different in their response time to treatment.

In general, the more chronic and severe your issues are, obviously the longer it will take to resolve symptoms and the longer you will require treatment. You must understand that the goal is not to just suppress your symptoms, but rather to address those underlying causes of your symptoms so they resolve and don’t come back. Or at the very least, are tightly under control. Chronic health issues often take years to develop and manifest, therefore healing can take some time. Stay patient and trust the process because your short-term investment in your health will benefit you in the long run.

Health and wellbeing require the consistency of good habits on a daily basis over an extended period of time. Together, as a team, I can help you make changes today that your future self will thank you for.

How Do Online Naturopath Consults Work?

Choose what type of booking you would like to make from the options below. Once your booking is made, you will receive an email link to a video call. At the time of your scheduled appointment, all you need to do is click on the link and we will be able to virtually see each other on an online chat room.

This means you can attend your appointment from wherever you are, such as your car, your home and even on your lunch break at work. You could even do a consult from interstate or overseas if you are travelling for business or leisure. The online video call is compatible with desktops, smart phones and tablets for your convenience.

During the consult, I will be able to share my screen with you so we can go through your current treatment plan together. As you progress through your treatment, this plan will be updated with more diet, lifestyle and supplement habits. After every consult, it will be emailed to you so that you can refer to the habits you have been prescribed.

Any supplementation prescribed does come at an additional cost to the consults and will be delivered to your door via an online patient ordering system. These deliveries usually take up to 2-3 business days.

If you are unsure of what service will suit you, book a free 20-minute enquiry call down below so that we can discuss your case and your treatment options.

If you have any questions regarding Oak Health’s services, please don’t hesitate to call or send an email.

Consultation Cancellation Policy

We recognise that your time is valuable and ask you to understand that mine is too. Therefore, please give 24hrs notice if you are unable to attend an appointment. This time can then be reallocated to someone who is also in need of treatment and ensure I make good use of my time and energy. Cancellation without 24hour notice will incur a $50 cancellation fee. If you cancel your appointment on the day, the full consult fee is payable. Please note this is for all initial and existing clients. This is part of my best practice and helps to ensure everyone’s day runs smoothly and as planned. Thank you for your understanding.

Initial Consult


In this consult I will explain my philosophy around how I approach treating chronic health conditions to give you an understanding of what to expect in the treatment process. Afterwards, most of this consult is about fact finding, where I ask you lots of questions about your current health status, past health issues, presenting symptoms, symptoms in other body systems that may be relevant to your presenting case, current/past medications, current supplementation regime (if any), your goals, your current diet and lifestyle habits, and discuss any previous testing you may have done. I want to gather as much information as possible to see what the underlying causes of your presenting health concerns are. This is ultimately what we want to address and change. I want you to feel heard, understood and listened to, regarding all your health concerns.

In this consult, I will prescribe to you a particular diet and lifestyle habit that is indicated to help you with your current condition. I will want you to complete this habit before our next consult, so we can build on it. You may also be prescribed an indicated supplement as well.

Because diet and lifestyle change can be difficult, research shows that gradual change and slow implementation of new habits is key. Therefore, instead of overwhelming you in the first consult and throwing a whole book at you, I will send you away with a practical and achievable habit to get the ball rolling. All you need to do is come back and nail this habit for our follow up. Do that and we can then build on from there with the next habits. Drip feeding you small habits at each consult will increase the likelihood of implementation and most importantly, long term sustainability of these changes. I want to give you the right information to empower you to be in control of your own health.

For more information on what to expect from an initial appointment, head over to: Oak Health’s treatment process and treatment philosophy

Report of Findings (ROF)

$80 (Second Consult)

Between the first and second appointment, it is usually best to space them out 1 week apart. This is so we keep momentum.

After looking over the information from the first consult, I will devise an individualised, thorough, practical and sustainable treatment plan, which is specifically tailored towards helping treat your presenting health issues and achieving your goals. We will go through this in the ROF consult. The treatment plan will give you an understanding of your treatment direction and time frame that you need to commit to (i.e. roughly the amount of consults needed). I will also give you a user-friendly understanding of the driving factors behind your presenting complaints, which will ultimately help you understand the value of the changes we will be making with your diet and lifestyle, as well as supplement prescriptions.

More diet and lifestyle habits, as well as supplementation (if indicated) will be introduced during this ROF consult. They will build on the habits that were introduced in the initial consult. This is called the habit building phase, where we work together to gradually make lasting changes to your diet and lifestyle that are exacerbating and driving your presenting health issues.

For more information on what to expect from a ROF appointment, head over to: Oak Health’s treatment process and treatment philosophy


By working alongside your GP, I may request certain blood tests if indicated. Sometimes objective measures can be good to track progress and looking at recent blood tests can help give me a good understanding of what is going on with your health. Blood tests are probably the most common tests I use in my practice.

In regard to functional testing, while these can sometimes be very necessary, if they aren’t going to change my treatment plan and outcome, I will not use them. They can be quite expensive due to unavailability of bulk billing, therefore I would much rather you direct your funds towards staying in active treatment and changing your diet and lifestyle. My philosophy is that I should always treat the inconsistencies in a person’s diet and lifestyle first, and if things don’t resolve as they should be, we can always order testing.

If testing is necessary, some of the functional testing that I commonly use are: 

  • Microbiome and gut health testing
  • Breath tests
  • Stool testing
  • Food allergy and food sensitivity testing
  • Thyroid blood tests (TSH, fT4, fT3, rT3, thyroid antibodies)

Saliva Hormone Testing

  • Male hormone testing profiles
  • Female hormone testing profiles
  • Cortisol testing profiles

The ROF consult is usually where we go through test results if I have decided to order one for you.

For more information on what to expect from a ROF appointment, head over to: Oak Health’s treatment process and treatment philosophy 

Return Consult


These consults are part of the ‘habit building phase’ where we will continue to work through the diet, lifestyle and supplement habits on your treatment plan.

Each session builds upon the last with new habits being introduced each consult. They are usually spaced out fortnightly. The amount of return consults in the habit building phase will vary depending on the chronicity/severity of your health issue, the amount of inconsistencies you have around your diet and lifestyle habits (i.e. how much we need to change) and your compliance as well. Once at the end of your treatment plan and your symptoms are resolving, we will discuss how we will transition you onto a maintenance plan, where we stretch out appointments and wean you off certain supplements that were playing a therapeutic role. The best part of the process is when you no longer need to book in another appointment or move to a 3 monthly catch up to touch base and keep you accountable.

Changing habits can take more time than taking a simple supplement or medication, however it will benefit you in the long run and in the context of your life, a few months to improve your health is quite small, with a huge effect.

For more information on what to expect from a return appointment, head over to: Oak Health’s treatment process and treatment philosophy

Free 20-Minute Enquiry Call

If you are a bit unsure as to whether a naturopathic service is right for your presenting health issue, I offer a free 20-minute enquiry call where we can discuss your current health issue and what you would like to achieve. It allows you to ask me questions and voice any of your concerns towards engaging in active treatment. From this call you will gain an insight into the way I treat and how Oak Health’s services could help you. It allows you to make an informed decision before investing time, energy and money into active treatment. All you need to do is book a time and I will be in touch with you.

20-Minute Acute Cold And Flu Consult


Herbal medicine is great for treating upper and lower respiratory infections that can be outright annoying (e.g. common cold, tonsillitis, bronchitis etc). Herbal medicine is a great alternative to anti-biotics and should be the first line of treatment for colds and flu, especially because most repository tract infections are viral in nature. This is because anti-biotics kill the beneficial bacteria in our digestive tracts that are essential for our immune function. Therefore, anti-biotics may seem like a good short-term approach, but in the long term they can increase the risk of further infections due to the depletion of health promoting bacteria, which help our immune function. 

There are specific herbs that can be taken in liquid extracts or tablets/capsules, which have anti-viral and anti-bacterial actions. They also help to boost the immune system, get rid of mucus and soothe inflamed throats due to anti-inflammatory actions. Herbal medicine takes effect and improves symptoms very quickly.

Also, the link between gut bacteria composition and immune function is also why strain specific probiotic supplementation is very effective in treating and preventing respiratory infections.

If you are currently sick or suffer from persistent respiratory tract infections, book a 20-minute consult where I can take your symptoms and prescribe to you strain specific probiotics and herbal medicine that will be manufactured specifically for your symptom picture. Once you have these medicines, you can keep them in your medicine cabinet, in case you get sick again some other time.

While these treatments are very effective when you get sick, the goal should always be to prevent yourself from getting sick in the first place. Therefore, if you find yourself getting sick often and taking a while to get over it, there is likely to be factors in your diet and lifestyle that are affecting your immune function. Are you exercising enough? Are you getting enough good quality sleep? Are you stressed and anxious? Are you eating a healthy diet full of nutrients needed for immune function? Are you smoking? Are you consuming alcohol regularly? All of these factors can affect immunity and susceptibility to infection.

Book an initial consultation to see how evidence based, practical and sustainable diet and lifestyle interventions along with supplementation can be used to boost your immunity and prevent you from getting sick.

20-Minute Acute Hay Fever Consult


Did you know that there are particular nutrients and herbs that have anti-histamine functions in the body? Therefore, evidence based herbal and nutritional supplementation can be very effective in the treatment of hay fever and a great alternative to antihistamines as they don’t carry the same side effects.

While taking supplementation is very useful, it only targets the symptoms and not the root cause. In naturopathic medicine we aim to address the underlying causes of health issues so it can lead to long term healing. Hay fever is ultimately driven by an overreaction of the immune system to environmental allergens like pollen. Therefore, it is necessary to address the underlying causes of the immune disruption, which often links back to people’s diet and lifestyle habits.

If you would like to address the underlying causes of your hay fever and have long lasting results, book an initial consultation.

Free Online Seminars

Oak Health offers free online information sessions about common health conditions that I treat. These seminars are conducted via zoom.

The next session is on the 1/12/2020 at 7pm and we will be covering the underlying causes of female hormone disruption conditions and how to treat these conditions using evidence based, practical and sustainable diet and lifestyle interventions, as well as herbal and nutritional supplementation. Follow this link to register and secure your spot. There are special offers given to those who attend the seminar.

Public Speaking

Want me to speak at your school or business? I have done multiple talks at schools, events and businesses, often relating to topics like mental health and general wellbeing. Get in contact, it would be great to hear from you!

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