How to maintain your diet and lifestyle habits during stressful times?

Sometimes our lives get hectic. It is the nature of the modern world we live in. We get busy and overwhelmed. All of a sudden it becomes harder to maintain our healthy diet and lifestyle habits like sleeping, exercising, managing stress, making time to have fun and spending time with our friends and family.

During difficult times we all have a tendency to abandon our practices entirely, which inevitably makes things worse. However, it’s much better to simply cut back to a level that you can manage. For example, you may cut back on exercise. Therefore, you may reduce the amount of times you maybe exercise per week and maybe even reduce the duration of your workouts. Furthermore, with your diet, instead of cooking each meal from scratch, you may look to cook larger meals less frequently and eating more leftovers.

Also, reaching out for support from friends and family can be very important to try and help take some load off you in times of stress.

Lastly, don’t beat yourself up. Try your best with what you can and when your stressful period passes, get back on track.