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Naturopath Treatment for a Healthy Heart – 6 Week Program

This program provides a natural approach to supporting cardiovascular and metabolic health, which can be incorporated alongside pharmaceutical treatments.

Heart attacks, strokes and complications of high blood glucose levels and high blood pressure (i.e. kidney failure, neuropathy, retinopathy, Alzheimer’s, skin conditions, infections due to lowered immunity and foot ulcers), are some of the leading causes of disability and premature death in our modern world. What is interesting is that 90-95% of the underlying causes of these health issues are well within our control. This is because they are related to our diet and lifestyle habits. It is also a reason as to why drugs like statins, blood pressure medications and blood glucose lowering drugs often fail to prevent long term manifestations/complications of high blood glucose (i.e. diabetes), high blood pressure and high cholesterol because they don’t change the real underlying causes of these conditions that relate to our diet and lifestyle habits. They only help to suppress symptoms.


If you have one of the following:

  • High cholesterol levels
  • High blood pressure
  • High blood glucose levels
  • Symptoms and complications that have resulted from these markers being high

Call Oak Health today to find out how this 6-week program can help you. Using evidence-based, practical and sustainable diet and lifestyle changes, as well as herbal and nutritional supplementation, it is possible to naturally lower your cholesterol levels, your blood pressure, your blood glucose levels and improve your overall cardiovascular and metabolic health. This will decrease your risk of disease, increase your lifespan and improve your quality of life! It will also decrease the need or dose of your medications.

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