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VCE Student Wellbeing Support Program – 6 Week Program

This program is designed to help VCE students thrive under the high physical and emotional demands of their VCE year.

How do you define health? For me, I define it in two ways.


The ability to live your most authentic life


Physical and mental / emotional robustness

With the beginning of the school year around the corner, many VCE students in year 11 and 12 are gearing up for a big year ahead. While a lot of focus is put on studies and ATARs, in my opinion, not enough emphasis is put on student wellbeing.

VCE is a great time to help educate young adults about how to balance work while still prioritising their wellbeing. This is also so that they realise that if they look after their physical and emotional wellbeing, they end up performing better academically.

Some amount of stress is always normal in VCE, as with anything worth doing in life. Stressors and adversity are healthy and help us grow as people. However, there needs to be a focus around good diet and lifestyle habits to mitigate the effects of stress on both physical and emotional wellbeing, so it doesn’t consume students and overwhelm them.

Lastly, what students do during VCE in terms of their diet and lifestyle, could affect them from many years to come. Far too often I see patients in my practice who link a lot of their health issues back to starting in VCE when they were stressed and neglected their health and wellbeing.

Common areas of focus for VCE students are as follows:

  • Improving mental and physical wellbeing
  • Prevention and treatment of glandular fever, chronic fatigue, upper and lower respiratory tract infections
  • Enhancement of concentration and memory
  • Supporting energy levels
  • Implementation of good diet and lifestyle habits

Call Oak Health today to find out how this 6-week program can help your child. Using evidence-based, practical and sustainable diet and lifestyle changes, as well as herbal and nutritional supplementation, it is possible to increase the physical and mental robustness of your child to help them not only cope but thrive in their VCE years. Both socially and academically.

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