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The core naturopathic principles

Two of the core naturopathic principles are “treat the underlying causes of disease” and “prevention is better than a cure.” Most of the underlying causes of chronic health issues are due to inconsistencies around our diet and lifestyle habits. Our diet and lifestyle regulate the nutrient status and inflammatory status of our bodies, therefore poor habits can lead to nutrient deficiencies and inflammation, which can drive and exacerbate symptoms of chronic health issues.

improve your overall quality of life

At Oak Health, I use evidence based, practical and sustainable diet and lifestyle interventions, as well as herbal and nutritional supplementation to treat the underlying causes of your most concerning health issues, as well as preventing them from progressing.

This is to improve your overall quality of life and it ultimately leads to long term results, instead of just suppressing symptoms. All treatment plans and treatment interventions that are made for my clientele are individualised and tailored towards your specific needs, preferences, goals and symptom presentation. Habit change can be challenging, especially amidst the demands of people’s busy lifestyles, which is why I pride myself in devising tailored treatment plans that are clear, concise and easy to follow. They are highly sophisticated in their simplicity, helping you achieve your wellbeing goals.

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