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Naturopathic treatment for Candida Overgrowth

Candida is a natural resident of the gut microbiome. However, it can become troublesome when it overgrows and becomes overpopulated in the gut. When candida overgrows, it is usually due to a decreased number of good bacteria that keep the candida in check. Therefore, holistic treatment for candida, leading to long term solutions, aims to re-establish high amounts of healthy gut flora that prevent candida from overgrowing. This can be done via evidence-based diet and lifestyle interventions, as well as herbal and nutritional supplementation. 

If you suspect you have candida overgrowth or have been diagnosed based on a stool sample, call Oak Health today or book an appointment online to feel the benefits of how evidence based, practical and sustainable diet and lifestyle changes, as well as supplements can provide you with long term solutions.

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