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Oak Health is a specialised fertility naturopath service for men. I have come to realise that within my industry, male fertility and even men’s health is often overlooked. This may be because most practitioners are female and therefore men don’t feel comfortable talking to a female about their health issues. This in turns leads to services of naturopathic clinics being targeted towards females. This is then exacerbated because most people who seek naturopathic services are female.

Therefore, as a male practitioner, I wanted to provide a service for men that can help optimise their fertility, as well as their overall wellbeing.

Did you know that 40% of infertility cases are due to male causes? That’s right, 40%! That’s huge. The sad thing is that when couples face infertility, most of the emphasis is put on the female. Why this happens is probably due to a number of reasons, one of those reasons being a lack of understanding and education around male causes of infertility.

Another reason may also be due to men linking their masculinity with their fertility. It is not uncommon for men to shy away from investigating their sperm count and quality in fear of the issue being with them. Regardless, most of the time, infertility between couples usually has something to do with both people, rather than just one.

However, with the spotlight on the female comes a lot of pressure. This can severely affect a female’s mental health, which is obviously not ideal for optimising fertility and having a healthy pregnancy.

It is often common practice for couples to seek out IVF as a “last resort” when they face infertility, however sometimes, couples go down this route without competently exhausting all of their resources first. Not only is IVF expensive, it is also physically and emotionally draining on a female, which could be avoided if other more natural ways of improving fertility were investigated prior.

It is important to understand that fertility and the ability to conceive depends largely on both the health of an egg AND sperm. It takes two to tango. This means that emphasis must be put on men as well.

The health of both a sperm and egg largely depend on the diet and lifestyle habits of both the male and female. So, if you are experiencing infertility and have not taken a hard look at both you and your partner’s diet and lifestyle habits, I suggest you do this before anything else.

For males, testosterone levels, sperm quality, sperm morphology, sperm motility and sperm count are the main parameters that need to be focussed on when trying to optimise fertility outcomes. These parameters are intrinsically related to what a male does with his diet and lifestyle on a day to day basis.

Does he eat a whole food, nutrient dense diet? Is he getting enough good quality sleep? What are his stress levels like? Does he exercise enough? What are his habits around drugs, alcohol and smoking? Does he work in an industry where he is exposed to lots of chemicals? These are all important questions to consider in cases of infertility and if there are inconsistencies around these habits, they need to be addressed. Gaining consistency around these habits can really improve the health of sperm, increase sperm count and therefore improve fertility.

If you are struggling to conceive with your partner, call Oak Health today or book an appointment online to find out how you can do your part in the relationship to not only help your partner conceive, but also to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Using evidence based, practical and sustainable diet and lifestyle interventions, as well as evidence based herbal and nutritional supplementation, it is possible to improve fertility outcomes, as well as your overall health.

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