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Alternative and Natural Treatment for Anxiety & Depression

Like all chronic health issues, anxiety and depression have some element of inflammation driving it. People with anxiety and depression have increased inflammatory signalling in their brain, which disrupts normal physiological functions around mood.

This is no surprise to me because in my clinic, most people who have mental health issues have inconsistencies around their diet and lifestyle habits.  This drives inflammation in their body, which can contribute to both their mental and physical health issues that they are seeking my help for.

Physical ailments and their effects on a person’s quality of life can cause anxiety and depression, which then makes their physical ailment worse because mental health issues effects diet and lifestyle choices, often for the worst.

Therefore, improving physical ailments by treating the underlying inflammation, via diet and lifestyle change, will improve a person’s quality of life and therefore their mental health.

However, most of the people I see in my clinic have depression and anxiety for other reasons, driven by external (e.g. environmental) and internal causes (e.g. psychological), and their physical health issues/symptoms impact on their quality of life is merely just an exacerbating factor.

As mentioned above, the effect of mental health issues on diet and lifestyle choices is significant, which is likely why physical ailments are often co-morbid with mental health issues, which then become exacerbating factors. 

Call Oak Health today or book an appointment online to find out how addressing diet and lifestyle factors in a practical and sustainable way, as well as using evidence-based herbal and nutritional supplementation can help in the treatment of anxiety and depression.

These treatments help to decrease inflammation in the brain and body, therefore improving mental health symptoms. Diet and lifestyle change is often overlooked in the treatment of anxiety and depression and should be done alongside medication and psychotherapy. Medication, as well as herbal/nutritional supplementation are likely to be much more effective in treating mental health issues in the backdrop of diet and lifestyle changes, which are addressing all of the multifaceted underlying causes.

Mental health issues are driven by a complex interaction between our genes, diet, lifestyle and environment, which is why a single pill will never be a cure. We need to address all of the underlying causes.

Special note to men:

We are really starting to see a spike in men’s mental health issues. Mental health issues have always been an issue for men; however, it is becoming more accepting for men to talk about their issues. In saying that, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding mental health issues, especially in men, which prevents them from seeking the help they need. 

Opening up about mental health issues requires emotional exposure, risk, uncertainty, embracing fear and most importantly, vulnerability. Men are often socialised in our society to see vulnerability as weakness. Being seen as weak is one of the worst things for men. However, what men don’t realise is that being vulnerable and undergoing emotional exposure in order to open up about mental health issues actually requires true strength and courage. If you are a male and struggling with mental health issues, I would love to hear from you.

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