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Post Pill or Post IUD Hormone & Skin Disruption

The oral contraceptive pill or hormonal IUD is not ideal for the treatment of hormone disruptions. The pill/IUD aims to treat hormone disruption by shutting off natural hormone production from the ovaries all together. Instead of rebalancing the hormonal disruption, they just shut off everything.

They do this by giving the body synthetic hormones, therefore the body stops producing its own. However, while the hormones released from the pill/IUD try to mimic natural progesterone and estrogen, they are not quite the same. This is why the pill/IUD carry so many side effects because when it comes to hormones, specificity is absolutely vital. Hormones lock onto receptors in the body via a lock and key function. When the key doesn’t fit the lock properly, problems occur.

Shutting off natural hormone production may mask some symptoms of hormonal disruption, but it fails to address the underlying causes. When a female takes the pill/IUD for hormonal issues, although her natural hormone production is completely shut off, the underlying drivers of her hormonal disruption are still manifesting. Therefore, when the female comes off the pill/IUD, her hormonal issues are likely to be the same, if not worse than when she started the pill/IUD. 

Long term suppression of hormones while being on the pill/IUD is also a reason why females often don’t get their period for a while when they come off it or experience infertility. It takes a long time for the hormones to self-regulate again and for the body to ovulate by itself again.

Ovulation is vital to health because this is how females produce hormones like progesterone. Suppression of ovulation after the pill/IUD can therefore lead to a number of debilitating symptoms, such as skin issues, due to the lack of hormone production.

Lastly, if you were using the pill/IUD purely for contraceptive methods and are now worried about what to do, it is possible to use other means of contraception like barrier methods (e.g. condoms), which don’t carry any side effects for both partners.

Optimising your hormonal balance and having a regular, symptom free, monthly period is a hallmark feature of good health for a female, which is why it is important that if it is not like this, we get it right.

If you suffer from hormone disruption after coming off hormonal methods of contraception,  call Oak Health today or book an appointment online to find out how evidence-based, practical and sustainable diet and lifestyle habits, as well as herbal and nutritional supplementation can be used to bring your hormones back into balance.

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