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Teenage Health & Wellbeing

The diet and lifestyle habits we form in our teenage years are shaped by a multitude of complex factors and they can often define our habits in adulthood. Which will then have a flow on effect to our health, wellbeing and disease risk, both in the present and future.

If we can implement good habits in teenagers, we set them up for good health in their growing years, as well as adulthood.

Common areas of focus for teenagers are as follows:

  • Improving mental and physical wellbeing
  • Prevention and treatment of glandular fever, chronic fatigue, upper and lower respiratory tract infections
  • Enhancement of concentration and memory
  • Supporting energy levels
  • Implementation of good diet and lifestyle habits

The main issue with teenagers, especially males, is getting them to buy into diet and lifestyle changes that will benefit their health and wellbeing. Being a young, male practitioner, as well as an athlete and a soccer coach of many teenagers I have found it relatively easy to get teenagers to buy into the treatment process due to my relatability to them. All they need to do is get to the first consult.

Therefore, if you are worried about your teenagers physical and emotional health or they are currently suffering from chronic health issues, call Oak Health today or book an appointment online to find out how simple, practical and evidence based diet and lifestyle habits can have a profound effect on your child’s physical and mental health, both in the present and future.

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