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The 4 pillars of health are as follows:

  • Diet
  • Sleep
  • Exercise and amount of daily movement
  • Mental and emotional wellbeing



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Four Pillars = Robust & healthy

These 4 pillars of health set the foundation of all my treatment plans. Most of my work in the clinic is helping people make changes around these 4 pillars of health because inconsistencies around them drive and exacerbate chronic health issues that are so prevalent in our society.

Gaining consistent habits around the 4 pillars of health on a day to day basis is absolutely vital to building and maintaining both physical and emotional wellbeing. It is the key to being a robust and vital individual, with a high quality of life. 

practical, sustainable and evidence based information

At $4.99 per month, $60 per year, you will receive practical, sustainable and evidence based information that will help you change your diet and lifestyle, and optimise the 4 pillars of health, so that you can improve your overall mental and physical health.

Every newsletter will give you a specific habit for each pillar of health to work on over the next month. Slowly introducing new habits that build upon one another, in a gradual manner, will eventually lead to the accumulation of healthy habits that are likely to be maintained long term. Gradual implementation of new habits will make diet and lifestyle change feel seamless, instead of doing it all at once and overwhelming yourself. Diet and lifestyle change, and engaging consistently in healthy habits, is a dynamic and evolving lifetime commitment. It is not an all or nothing 6 week challenge that fades away. 

cheaper than one consultation

To put this amazing deal into context, $60 is cheaper than one consultation with me and the information you will receive in these newsletters is information I share with my clients in one on one consultations.

These newsletters are also a great way for my clients who no longer need online consults in order to keep on top of their diet and lifestyle habits. It can be used as an accountability tool to stay on track with the habits we worked on during the online consults. 
Do yourself a favour, give it a go and feel the benefits of simple diet and lifestyle changes on your energy, vitality and overall wellbeing! 


NOTE: The first newsletter was sent out on the 1st of December 2020. If you have subscribed any time past this date and you would like access the content from the newsletters of previous months, please email and request which months newsletters you would like to be sent to you. The habits in each new newsletter build upon the last one, so I suggest getting in contact!


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