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Evidence Based and Scientifically Validated Treatment

No Fads here at Oak Health

As a practitioner I pride myself in delivering the most up to date, evidence based and scientifically validated treatments. Whether that be with diet and lifestyle interventions or herbal and nutritional supplementation, you can guarantee that I am up to date with the latest research in the industry as I am constantly developing and refining my knowledge as a practitioner. This is done by attending industry seminars, webinars, training programs and conducting my own forms of research for my own personal development.

When it comes to evidence based herbal and nutritional supplementation, at Oak Health, I prescribe the highest quality herbal and nutritional supplements in a variety of preparations (tablets, liquids, teas, herbal creams and powders).

The supplements used in my practice are exclusive to practitioners and strictly prescription only. They are manufactured by leading Australian and international companies who are pharmaceutical grade in their approach to supplementation. Their quality is reflected in that they far exceed the TGA’s (Therapeutic Goods Association) high standards and strict regulations, which are some of the most stringent in the world.

Sophisticated Simplicity at Oak Health

These words govern everything I do as a practitioner, which is why the service you will receive from Oak Health is sophisticated in its simplicity. This is so that you can achieve your health goals without having to go on overly complicated and expensive treatment protocols that overwhelm you, are impractical and interfere with your daily life.

I perfected my art of simplicity in naturopathic care while providing naturopathic services at a drug and alcohol recovery centre named Windana. This was due to the fact that I was working with people who had limited funds, limited knowledge around healthy habits and had complex life situations.

Online Naturopath Service

Improving your health around your busy schedule

From my experience in the industry, I have begun to realise that one of the main barriers to see a health practitioner is putting aside time to physically attend the appointment. For a lot of people, this can be difficult due to demanding life situations (e.g. work, kids etc.).

This is why I wanted to create an exclusively online naturopath service, so that I can work around you. With online consults, I bring the service to you. Whether that be in your home, in your car or even on your lunch break at work so that you don’t have to take time off work to attend appointments, as well as rush to appointments after work. Online consults mean that I work around your schedule so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to achieve the level of wellbeing you desire. It also means that Oak Health’s services are accessible to those who may live rurally.

Also, some health conditions affect your quality of life in such a way that leaving the house to go to a consult can be a stressful task. With online consults, this hassle is removed completely.

Before the COVID-19 outbreak I was working at a clinic doing face to face consults. When we were forced to go online due to lockdowns, I started to realise the benefits that come from this mode of delivery for naturopathic care. My clients were telling me how they much preferred the online consults, mainly due to its convenience and it didn’t affect results. Appointment attendance went up and I started to see less re-scheduling of appointments for common reasons such as work and attending to kids (e.g. school pick up and after school activities).

Lastly, being an online clinic allows me to decrease my overheads, which means a better price point for my clients, therefore making my services a lot more accessible than face to face clinics, which bump up consult prices to cover overheads of a physical premise.

Practical and Sustainable Treatment Plans

Addressing your most concerning health issues

From years of experience and sitting down in front of hundreds of patients, it has become extremely obvious to me that at the core of most chronic health issues lies inconsistencies around people’s diet and lifestyle habits, which are ultimately driving and exacerbating their health issue.

Therefore, my philosophy as a naturopathic practitioner is not to “treat” but rather to “coach” and facilitate people to make fad free, achievable, sustainable and practical changes to their diet and lifestyle (along with evidence-based supplementation).

I work with my clients as a team to help them implement changes that will ultimately decrease their symptoms, improve their quality of life and make them mentally and physically robust, so that they can live their best and most authentic life. Health is the most important thing in our lives. Without it, we simply can’t be the best versions of ourselves. This is why at Oak Health, I want to empower you to make long lasting changes that will support your health and wellbeing, long after our face to face sessions together. I understand diet and lifestyle habits are hard to change and also understand the demands of people’s busy lives, which is why my treatment plans reflect this in their practicality, simplicity and sustainability.

Inflammation underlies

Inflammation underlies basically all chronic health issues and is ultimately responsible for the symptoms that define a specific health issue or disease. Our diet and lifestyle habits play important roles in regulating inflammation in our body. A poor diet and lifestyle can ‘switch on’ inflammatory pathways, therefore exacerbating health issues. Whereas a good one, can ‘switch off’ these pathways and lead to the promotion of healing. By addressing the diet and lifestyle factors that are underlying causes of a person’s health condition, it will lead to long term symptom improvement and resolve. It will also decrease the need to go chasing after individual symptoms one by one.

The fact that diet and lifestyle habits drive chronic diseases, it demonstrates the multifaceted nature of disease and that it is not caused by just one thing, but rather a combination of factors. Which is why it requires a multi-faceted treatment approach, as opposed to the prescription of just medications and supplements alone, which is a common experience of people when visiting other health practitioners. These can be necessary, but they always work more effectively in the backdrop of good diet and lifestyle habits that are addressing the underlying causes.

Complete and Comprehensive Care

No one practitioner can do everything. This is why at Oak Health I work alongside medical and other allied health professionals to ensure my clients get the best treatment outcomes. If part of your presenting picture requires a diagnosis or needs a treatment that is beyond my scope of practice, I will refer you off to a trusted colleague (i.e. GP, medical specialist, physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, myotherapist) so that you can be co-managed and receive the most comprehensive care. If you consent to it, I will ensure that lines of communication are open so nothing regarding your case is missed.


One of my core values is about investing time and effort into building and maintaining authentic relationships in my life. When it comes to my work as a practitioner, my first and foremost focus is to invest effort into building an authentic therapeutic relationship with my clients that is built on trust and honesty. I treat based on empathy, which means I always treat my clients the way I would like to be treated.

What Our Clients Say about us

Alon is an extremely passionate practitioner who is evidence-based, as well as practical in his approach to health and wellbeing. He has helped me put into place diet and lifestyle strategies that I am able to sustain, which have helped me control my weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Not only that, I feel more energetic and robust with my health. I highly recommend Alon and Oak Health’s Naturopathy services.


Wonderful experience! Alon has a kind, approachable and empathetic nature, which allowed me to feel heard about my health issues. I had suffered from digestive issues and food intolerances for many years and within a few consults with Alon, my digestion improved significantly. We were able to get to a point in the treatment where I could re-introduce some foods that I once reacted to, which was a huge bonus for me and really improved my quality of life. I can’t remember the last time my gut felt this good. Thank you Alon.


Alon worked with me to address the underlying causes of my skin and hormonal imbalances. He helped me to make easy to implement changes around my diet and lifestyle that had a significant impact on my symptoms, which have affected me for years. The supplements that were prescribed were also very helpful and I felt like they were the extra push to bring my health to where I wanted it to be. Alon works with you as a team and empowers you to take control of your health. I can’t speak more highly of Alon as a practitioner and the service I received from Oak Health.


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